A Manifesto

Fly fishing is all about connection. On the water it can be simple - hand to rod, reel to line, leader to fly. And - if you are lucky - fly to fish. It is the hunt for that connection, our addiction, which takes us back out - day after day, year after year – for the gift of a fish.

Fly fishing is all about connections. Through it we connect us to the Earth around us. To a world of water, land and sky. We connect to ourselves. To our pasts, presents and futures. We connect to each other. To our friends, old and new. This is why we fish. This is why we created The Fly Connection.

Our core values are simple:

  • We are an open and engaged community who stand for equality, diversity and inclusivity.
  • We are committed to bringing change through advocacy, knowledge sharing and ethical sustainability. 
  • We are a place created by and for our members, and we place independence, integrity and transparency at the heart of all we do.

Our core beliefs are ambitious:

  • We believe that there is more to fly fishing than catching fish, and more to our passion than an industry.
  • We believe that every day we spend on the water is a privilege, and that if we are going to enjoy that privilege, we must also take up our responsibilities.
  • We believe that we should give more than we take, and leave the river each day in a better state than we find it.
  • We believe that together we can become a global community, and that if we combine our talents and make connections to others who share the same dream, we can make a real and positive change to our rivers and the world.