An idea hatched on a river bank by two friends on a mad trout expedition in the Costa Rican cloud forest. The idea was a simple one – to find our own way to do something with fly fishing that would affect real and positive change. And behind that idea lay an equally simple realisation  Every day we get to spend on the water is a privilege, and if we are going to enjoy that privilege then we must also shoulder our responsibility to the water - that we must leave the river each day in a better state than we find it. That we should give more than we take. That simple idea has now become so much more – and as it has grown so too has the community who share it. From two friends we have become not just a global community, but a charitable foundation, dedicated to the goal of that our shared passion should be a force for good. That we can give more than we take. That we will leave the water better than we find it.